Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions are meant to guide you to a successful experience with Children's Clothing Exchange.


I am new to the sale, what do I do?

  • We have two sales each year – Fall and Spring, so gather your items (fall/winter or spring/summer) that you wish to sell at the appropriate seasonal sale. You are welcome to also just come and shop if you have nothing to sell.

  • To become a consignor simply register through our consignment manager system here on the website.

  • Through our online consignment manager system, our consignors are responsible for properly tagging and pricing all of their items. 

  • Tags are generated through the consignment manager system and should be printed on card stock.

  • Attach your barcoded tags to your items with a tagging gun or safety pins. (Tagging guns are available onsite during receiving days or can be purchased for a minimal cost on Amazon). Tags should be attached through the garment tag or under the left arm sleeve.

  • Drop off your items during any of our receiving times. Hangers will be provided onsite or for efficiency you may bring your items already on plastic hangers.


Do I need an appointment or do I just drop off my items?

No, you do not need an appointment. Please come during our receiving hours for consignment drop off.

Do we price our own items?

  • Starting with the 2018 Spring Sale consignors will have control of all item pricing including clothing. General pricing guidelines will be provided on our Consignor Information Page.

  • For pricing the following: Toys, games, baby equipment, bedding, costumes, hats, books or DVDs, we suggest that you ask about half of what the items sold for at the time you bought it or simply try and think of what you would want to pay for the item if you came in our store to buy it. Remember, the better an item looks, the better it sells, so clean up it and put in fresh batteries! NO ONE WILL BUY AN ITEM THAT DOESN’T WORK.


How much do we earn as a consignor?

Consignors make 50% of the selling price of each item sold. We do not charge any fees to participate in our sale.


When do we receive our checks?

Your checks will be available immediately following the sale and may be collected on pick up day.

Is there a certain number of items that I have to bring in?

There is no minimum number of items to consign but we ask that you limit your clothing items to 150 quality pieces.

You do not need to consign in order to shop at our consignment sale.


Are there any items that you don’t accept?

Yes. We do ask that you review our website for a list of items that we do not accept. We strongly suggest that you not bring in any “Gerber” type onsies or t-shirts. They just DO NOT SELL. If you can buy them 3 for $5 at the store brand new, they just don’t sell at a consignment store. We suggest that you donate those items to charity.


When can I start buying?

  • During receiving days only infant sized clothing (0-24 mo), boy's blazers, costumes,toys, books, furniture and equipment will be available for purchase. All other clothing sized will be for sale beginning with the first selling Saturday of the event.

  • On Infant Sale Day all clothing (size 0- 24months) will be available for purchase along with all remaining toys and baby equipment. 

  • Beginning with the first Selling Saturday, all clothing (sizes 0-teen) along with all remaining toys and equipment will be for sale. Check the website for all of the dates. Remember, you do not need to consign anything in order to shop.

  • Please feel free to contact us with any further questions    Mimi (504)258-6688   Sharon (504)913-3098