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Additional Info

All Clothes:

All clothes must be clean and free of stains. Elastic and zippers need to in good condition. Freshly washed and ironed clothing sells first.

Due to our large volume, we accept only quality items in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Unacceptable items will be removed from racks and either returned to consignor or donated. If you are unsure about an item, please check with us before leaving it.


Matching Outfits (Family, Multiples, or Siblings):

Price each piece individually. Depending on the quantity, there may be a dedicated 'Matching Outfits' section. If there is not, you may place the outfits together in one of the items section (ie. if there is a 3T size in the set, then place all items in 3T section) The items can also be hung separately in their own sections. 


Folded Clothes:

Jeans, casual pants and casual shirts are folded (designer jeans should be hung). 

Hanging Clothes:

All other clothes are to be hung, including dresses, skirts, pajamas, nightgowns, robes, sweaters, leotards, shirts/blouses, infant creepers, costumes, jackets, coats, skirts and designer jeans. All sizes are to hang on appropriate size plastic hangers. Clothes must be placed on the hanger with the open-end of the hook facing left. 


NOTE: We have plenty of hangers for our consignors to use. Just tag at home and when you arrive at drop-off, you can hang using our hangers .

Baby Equipment:

Strollers, changing tables, pack-n-plays, high chairs, exersaucers, swings and diaper bags should be clean and in working order. Dated items do not sell.

*Recalled items will removed from the floor and thrown away.


Select outdoor equipment, kitchens, workbenches, bikes, wagons, Lego tables, table and chairs, Playmobile, American Girl dolls and accessories, like-new Wii, XBOX 360, DS, PlayStation 2/3, computer games, and leap frog items sell well. Toys are especially popular.

Please Note:

All baby equipment and toys must be clean and in proper working condition. They must be assembled and all parts must be included. Toy pieces must be attached in a Ziploc bag. Battery-operated items must include batteries for demonstration purposes. If batteries are not included, the item might be removed and donated.

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