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Consignor Info

Joining us as a consignor is easy, fun and free!  

CCEX offers you an opportunity to sell gently used, quality children's clothing (size 0 - TEEN) and shoes, toys, books, baby equipment, kid's furniture, maternity/nursing clothes and more!

Click the red button to register and login to My Consignment Manager, our online platform.

Check out the guides and video tutorials for "how to's."
How it works: 
  • Consignors are responsible for pricing all items. See the Pricing Guide for help determining realistic prices that help your items sell quickly.

  • You are paid 50% of the selling price.

    • Consignor checks will be available immediately following the sale.

Benefits of our system include:
  • No Registration/Consignor Fee


  • Preparation and tagging of items can be completed at home at your leisure 

    • you will not be able to prepare your items on site

  • Items from previous sales can be easily transferred to the current sale


  • Nightly updates posted for items sold - check "Settlement Report" in My Consignment Manager.


  • Consignors control how much items sell for


  • No volunteer requirements

Steps to sell:

  1. Register for a consignor account using the My Consignment Manager online platform.

    • Your assigned consignor number will remain the same for all future sales. ​No fee to be a consignor.

  2. Use the online platform to enter and price the items you want to sell from the comfort of your home - it's quick and easy!

    • See the Tips and FAQ button for more info. ​​​

    • Each item has the option to be DONATED and DISCOUNTED. DONATED means it will be sent to a charity or donation center if not sold - see Donation page for more info. DISCOUNTED means the item will be sold at 50% off on our Half Off days.

    • If you do not want you item back, please mark it for both DISCOUNT and DONATE.

  3. Print your tags and prepare your items.​

    • Print tags on cardstock 60-80# w black ink.

    • Wash and clean all items. Even shoes!

    • Replace any batteries.

    • Tag with a tag gun, safety pins, or tape. See videos on how to prep and tag.

    • We have kid and adult hangers available at drop-off. while supplies last.  

  4. Drop your items off on Drop Off days.

    • **Consignors get to shop during drop-off days before the general public**

    • You will check in with a worker and put your items in appropriate spot.

  5. During the sale you will get daily updates on your items.​

  6. Pick up any items that didn't sell and that you did't want donated on Pick Up day.

    • You will also pick up your check. If you do not have any items to pick up, we will mail you your check.​​

    • We try to have everyone items sorted and grouped together for easy pickup but we might not have enough time or staff to do that. ​

  7. If you have any items that you want to put in another future sale, you can easily transfer those items


Please Note:
  • Clothes must be clean, may not have stains, holes, rips, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, or pilling, and all items must be clean and in working order. Inspect your items carefully; unacceptable items will be immediately pulled off the floor.


  • While we are always careful, we cannot assume responsibility for loss, theft or damage to your item.


  • Unsold items that are not collected by the end of the designated Pick Up Day will become the property of CCEX and donated to local charities before move out. 

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