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Consign With No Time

Don't have a lot of time but have a lot of stuff to consign? See below for some tips to cut corners and expedite the process and help you clear out the clutter!

It isn't all or nothing! You can consign some things now and store the rest for the Fall Sale in October.

Prioritize. Pull out the priority items and price them first. If you have time to do more, great!

  • What you want out of the house the most

  • What is taking up the most space

  • Summer items > Fall items > Winter items

  • Higher end in best condition first.

  • Strollers + Car Seats

  • Children items > Maternity/Nursing

If you have a bunch of everything, start with the big items (stroller, furniture, bikes, etc), then what is driving you bonkers, then nicest summer clothes/shoes. Do maternity last.

Turn into a kid's project.

Depending on the child, they could do it all or just help with some aspects. Researching prices... gathering items ... cutting tags.. etc. The money could go to them or to a charity.


Cut down on time spent figuring out prices.

Google Lens on your phone will show you suggested prices.
Note: This works best with non-clothing items.


  1. Click the camera icon in Google's search bar

  2. Click

  3. Scan through results for price suggestions

FB Marketplace + 

Use online resell sites like FB Marketplace for pricing.

CCEX Pricing Guides 

General pricing guides found here


Organizing before you start inputing items can expedite the process.

Group like items and uncheck "Clear Desc Fields".

Before pricing, group items together by something that makes sense for your items. If have a lot of boys clothes of the same brands, the group by category (boys clothing) then divide by brands. 

Then when you go into the system, make sure to uncheck the "Clear Desc Fields" box found in the "Add Item" window.


Doing this allows for a lot of items to be added without having to make too many alterations to input fields.


Create multiple tags at once for similarly priced books.

When inputing items you can set the quality of tags created. For similarly priced books, you can create one tag with generic description and print multiples.

Voice Input.

On your phone or computer, you can use the voice input option to add items.


NOTE: This can save some time once you get the hang of it and if it's not being too finicky.


Make Descriptive Tags. Once tags are cut, it can become unclear which tag goes with what. Be descriptive to avoid delays from confusion. (Also descriptive tags helps ensure you get paid for your item even if it lost it's tag)

Group Tags + Items. Before you begin tagging, group tags by category, brand, or both. If your items aren't already grouped, group them by category, brand, or both. Doing this helps reduce time spent searching for tags and items. Especially if you can't do it all in one sitting. If you have to step away, ziplocks are a great way to keep them grouped.


Drive-Thru. Pull into the VFW's front round drive closest to the SnowBall stand and we will have someone to take items from you. Don't see anyone? Poke your head inside the door and we will be right there.

Group items. Group your items by category so its faster to get your items set up.

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